InPost and Mondial Relay join their forces creating the largest delivery network using automated postal lockers 07/04/2016

InPost, a global leader in the scope of automated postal lockers and Mondial Relay, a leader in the area of deliveries to collection points (French: Points Relais®) on the European continent announce the signing of a partnership agreement, subject to exclusivity in France.

Customers using the services of Mondial Relay will now be able to select an option of collecting the purchased items in automated postal lockers available 24/7. Mondial Relay, following the growing expectations of e-consumers is the first company to offer such a range of services in order to complement the existing network of collection points Points Relais®.


InPost will complement the well-developed and proven network of Points Relais® created by Mondial Relay, with a strong territorial network by providing a thousand of automated lockers by the end of 2016. In turn, InPost itself will use a significant flow of deliveries.


"Complementarity of services is crucial in the established collaboration, based on the study of consumer behaviour. Depending on their type of purchases and lifestyle, the users select direct home delivery, delivery to a collection point Point Relais® or to a postal locker available 24/7. Logistics issues are a major hindrance in electronic purchases and for this reason the dynamics of e-commerce development are characterised by a variety of proposed solutions, their flexibility and adaptability to the individual needs of the user," explains Olivier Binet, CEO of InPost France.


Thanks to the established cooperation Mondial Relay is able to take advantage of another delivery network, in addition to the already existing 5,300 collection points Points Relais® and to deliveries offered directly to the place of residence, while still remaining the largest French non-public provider of logistic solutions in e-commerce.   Automatic postal lockers are installed in large metropolitan areas, in busy locations, such as shopping centres, car parks and petrol stations. At the same time, Mondial Relay will propose an alternative solution if the delivery is not collected from the automated locker, offering delivery to one of 5,300 collection points Points Relais®. At the end of 2016 there will be as many as 1,000 postal lockers available.


"Solutions for parcel collection evolve constantly, and therefore Mondial Relay, focusing on innovation proposed the largest number of collection points to e-customers, thus strengthening its leading position on the market." - explains Antoine POTTIEZ, Chairman of Mondial Relay.