InPost UK - The postal and courier service for the digital age

Today, InPost UK, the ground-breaking postal and courier solution, launches into the UK market, aiming to revolutionise the parcel delivery service. Promising convenience and flexibility to businesses and consumers across the nation, InPost UK offers a time and frustration saving alternative to an existing postal system that is mostly out of sync with the needs of consumers, particularly with the rise of e-commerce.

The continuing upsurge in popularity of online shopping and ‘e-tailing’ has fundamentally altered the status quo of what consumers demand from retailers and suppliers, but more specifically: when and where they demand it. Hand-in-hand with the convenience of anytime shopping comes the frustration of time wasted; whether at home waiting for deliveries or in line waiting for collection. This disconnect has led to significant demand for a different kind of service.

InPost UK aims to implement and manage an infrastructure of over 2,000 parcel lockers by the end of 2013, bringing packet and parcel collection convenience to a whole new level. The launch will see a country-wide network of lockers where parcels and packages can be delivered to and collected from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each InPost Parcel Locker 24/7 consists of 47-72 individual compartments which are temporarily “leased” until its contents are collected using a unique code sent to customers by email and text message. The lockers are entirely automated and have a friendly, intuitive interface. They are located in easily-accessible places such as petrol station forecourts, shopping centres and supermarkets.

Successfully operating in 17 countries worldwide, InPost, winner of the prestigious World Mail Award in 2011 and 2012, is the largest independent operator of parcel lockers in the world, with a 97% recommendation rate, over 240,000 locker boxes in the ground and approximately 1 million registered users. Designed to solve the logistical problems and costs associated with online fulfilment, InPost Parcel Locker 24/7 is a complete solution that provides real benefits not only to consumers, but to small business owners, large retailers, whilst also improving carriers’ performance. The service facilitates collection by recipients at a time and location convenient to them. Once customers have elected to have their parcel delivered to a parcel locker of their choice, all they need do is wait until they receive the collection code before claiming their package.

In turn, this provides numerous advantages to retailers and carriers who reap the cost and convenience benefit of no longer needing to re-process and re-deliver multiple failed deliveries. Additionally, they will enjoy the increased satisfaction and goodwill of their customers who recognise that they are avoiding a potentially frustrating and negative consumer experience. With a staggering 74% of baskets being abandoned at checkout due to high delivery charges , retailers can benefit from offering a new, low cost and innovative delivery solution.

“InPost UK aims to solve a problem that is familiar to almost everyone: that of waiting fruitlessly for a home delivery” says Simon Croft, Managing Director, InPost UK. “By offering customers the flexibility to collect parcels at their convenience, we are not only making the customer’s life easier, but are simultaneously enabling retailers and carriers to cut their costs, lower their environmental impact and, most importantly, raise their customer satisfaction levels. With ambitious plans to roll-out across the UK, we are not only looking forward to the challenge ahead but also to providing a fun, engaging and practical service to consumers and businesses nationwide. For example collecting a parcel could take as little as seven seconds.”

All InPost Parcel Lockers are securely located in well-lit areas and are strategically placed to offer maximum accessibility to the consumer. For added security, each parcel locker is equipped with three CCTV cameras to record activity when in use. As well as offering a solution to an existing problem, InPost UK has the potential to develop in any number of directions including as a base for sampling and marketing promotions, plus integration with ATMs.