Iceland Post launches automated parcel machines Group supplies the terminals for the Póstbox brand

  • Iceland Post launches APM network under the ‘Póstbox’ brand
  • Group – owner of InPost – supplied and installed the terminals
  • won the tender for Iceland Post

Iceland Post, the Icelandic national postal operator, is set to launch its national network of automated parcel machines (APMs) under the ‘Póstbox’ brand. The terminals have been supplied and installed by the Group – owner of InPost – a global leader in the supply of automation for e-commerce and the owner of the world's largest automated parcel machine network. The revolutionary terminals for receiving and sending parcels will be available in Iceland’s largest cities but also at petrol stations- offering Icelanders from smaller towns the same 24/7 delivery convenience.

The latest version of the supplied APM offers customers of Icelandic post even quicker collection with the use of QR codes. Thanks to advanced integration with mobile device applications and CodeWise technology, collection times have fallen by more than half – from 15 to 7 seconds.

“The parcel lockers are a welcome addition to our distribution channels. They are a proven product and we look forward to a future with a new way for customers to receive their parcels”, said Ingimundur Sigurpálsson, CEO of Iceland Post.

“The invented and produced APMs work well on all markets, hence both national and private operators choosing Group as a business partner. I am certain that Pósturinn will quickly benefit from the new Póstbox network, just as Eesti Post or Australia Post did. Growth in Icelandic e-commerce is in double-digit, causing a rapid increase in demand for a convenient delivery method. I'm sure that the new APMs will perfectly fulfill the requirements of Icelanders.”, adds Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost and Group.

InPost APMs (automated parcel machines) operate on all continents, among others in: Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. In a variety of business models more than 3,500 InPost automated parcel machines are already operational globally. The company plans to deploy another 6,000 terminals in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East.


InPost has received accolades internationally, including: 'Supplier of the Year' at Post Expo 2014; four times winner at the prestigious World Mail Award (2010-2013); recipient of the ‘Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation’ at the ‘The Delivery Excellence Awards 2014’ in the UK; and the ‘Postal Technology International Award’ in the category of 'Retail Innovation of the Year'.