InPost - the largest independent postal operator, belonging to the Group and a provider of innovative technology to receive shipments 24/7 for the postal and courier sector – has won the international World Mail Awards contest for the fourth time. This time, the company triumphed in the category ‘Customer service’, ahead of such companies as: Singapore Post and LibanPost. The ceremony of the 14th edition of the World Mail Awards 2013 took place on 5th June in Madrid.

During the World Mail Awards 2013, the world famous experts recognized InPost for its intuitive and easy to use automated parcel terminal system, offering excellent customer experience.

"I am extremely proud from the fact that for the fourth time we have been recognized by experts of this year’s World Mail Awards jury. This victory confirmed our strategy. It proved the achievement of an excellent level in the field of postal services and technology offered by our company. InPost is far ahead of global competitors as far as the innovative solutions of parcel delivery are concerned. Nowadays, more and more international partners derive from our experience and know-how - because the equipment is only a part of the success in this industry. The knowledge of the e-commerce market and consumer preferences is crucial for the rapid development that’s why we often win and develop Inpost parcel locker network quickly and efficiently"- says Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost.

So far, InPost has been awarded three times in the international World Mail Awards: in 2011, in the ‘e-Commerce’ and ‘Innovation’ categories, and in 2010 in the category of ‘Growth’.

"The feature that distinguishes our service from others offered in the global market is created by our unique customer experience which is not accidental, but created on the basis and the analysis of consumer behaviour from more than several countries. Willingness to recommend InPost parcel lockers is estimated at 98% - the highest rate not only in the postal industry, but globally. The service considered as a model for the industry – Amazon’s service, has this rate at the level of 84%. Mobile technology and QR codes allow the collection of InPost parcels in only 7 seconds – while in 2012 it was 17 seconds. Now we have broken another record! We keep it simple! This is our mission, which has been recognized by international parcel associations" – said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost.

The international expansion of InPost parcel lockers began in 2011 - currently InPost operates in 16 countries in various models (under its own brand name or a partner’s  name), including: Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. In March 2013 the Group launched InPost parcel lockers in Ukraine. Simultaneously, the company signed an exclusive contract with InTime, the Slovak number two in the B2C sector of the courier market and IN TIME – a key player in the Czech B2B courier market. At the end of April 2013 Group introduced the InPost parcel lockers system onto the British market. The combined business model based on an open cooperation with partners, combined with an own active selling will be implemented in the following markets where the network enabling to send and receive shipments will be developed. The expansion plans for 2013 include – apart from the UK: France, Hungary, Turkey, Norway and Sweden, and the overall investment in the development of the network is estimated to be up to one billion euros over the next five years. Furthermore, over the next two years InPost lockers will also appear in the Americas and in Asia.