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You can try again later or the following day – our lockers are all emptied at least once per day. You could also try visiting a different locker nearby. To find out where your nearest ones are visit our ‘Find a Locker’ page here. As of 27th November, we've updated this page to show live locker availability, making it easier than ever to plan your parcel drop-offs.

That could mean that it’s temporarily out of order. But have no fear – we usually get things back up and running in a day or two (although sometimes it takes a little longer).

Our largest lockers can fit parcels that are up to 41cm x 38 cm x 64cm – and the maximum weight we accept is 15kg. To avoid any stuck parcels or damaged doors, please don’t try to force your parcel in if it’s a bit too snug.

If you’re at your locker now and need a hand, give us a call on 0330 335 0950 – one of the team will be happy to help.

Firstly, check which option your buyer has chosen:

24/7 InPost Locker | Shop Pick-up

For parcels heading to an InPost locker or shop, you’ve got two options. You can select a printable label (which you’ll need to print at home and attach to the parcel) or a digital label (which is a QR code that you scan at the locker – then all you need to do is pop the parcel inside and leave the label to us).

InPost Home Delivery

For parcels being delivered to someone’s house, you’ve got one option – print a label at home and attach it to the parcel. We can’t create digital labels for home deliveries just yet.

Most of our lockers are open 24/7, but they can get a busier during the week. Our top tip? Lockers tend to have more free space at weekends, so pop your parcel drop-offs into you Sunday life admin list.