Find and seek

24 Jun 2024

Find and seek - check for available lockers

You asked, and we delivered. Checking compartment size availability is now possible through our app. No more guessing, now you can check if there’s enough space in the locker for your parcel before you even leave the house.  


Why the hype? 

Be compartment confident when you’re dropping off your parcels in our lockers. No need to waste time with full lockers, simply check ahead to make sure there’s room for your parcel. Whether you’re on the way to work, walking to the gym or going for a coffee and catch up, get your life admin sorted and drop off your parcels or returns.  

How it works 

1. Download the app

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already make sure you download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free, easy to use and packed with perks designed to simplify your life. 

2. Head to the “Find a locker” section

Open the app up, and you’ll find the “Find a locker” section at the bottom centre of the screen. When you tap into here, a map shows you lockers and shops near you.  

3. See what’s free

When you click the yellow locker buttons on the map, you’ll see which small, medium and large compartments are available. 

The locker compartments 

Each of our lockers is made up of compartments that come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. 

  • Small - 8 x 38 x 64cm / 3 x 15 x 25in 

Perfect for packages containing T-shirts or books. 

  • Medium - 19 x 38 x 64cm / 7.5 x 15 x 25in 

Suited for medium-sized parcels containing items such as shoes or bags. 

  • Large - 41 x 38 x 64cm / 16 x 15 x 25in 

Ideal for packages containing boots or coats.  


Which compartment size should I use? 

When you're at the locker, please place your parcel into the smallest available compartment. However, if you’ve got a small parcel and there’s only a medium or large compartment available, it’s okay to use one of those – there won’t be any extra, unexpected charges.   


What to do if the lockers are full 

We’ve added a handy compartment checker to our app so you can see locker availability before leaving your home, office, or gym. We encourage all users to check the app beforehand to avoid any wasted trips. If your preferred lockers are full, try another nearby location or visit one of our InPost Shops. Alternatively, keep checking throughout the day — our couriers make daily visits, and other users may have picked up their parcels, freeing up space for you. 


What’s your verdict? 

Our app is always improving with new and fun ways to make dropping off and picking up parcels a breeze. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our favourite reviews: 

  • Amazing New update now shows which lockers have availability, so it saves you going to one and not being able to post. Love this app and the lockers themselves are amazing and easy too. 💛 
  • Love love love InPost!!! The easiest and most efficient way to send and receive parcels... simply the best 🙌 
  • Amazing app This is literally one of my favourite apps it’s so well designed and does what it says on the box every time, it delivers! I get and send lots of Vinted parcels, this app has made my life so much easier with dropping and picking up. 


Before you head to our lockers, make sure you check the app to see if there are free compartments for you to drop off your parcels. Happy parcelling 📦