Our paperless receipts

12 Feb 2024

How to get InPost Locker receipts

Why do you need a digital receipt? 

Digital receipts show that you’ve dropped off or picked up the parcel where you’re supposed to. It's important that you and your buyer or seller have peace of mind.  


How to get an InPost receipt 

We’ll send you an email confirmation straight to your inbox as proof of drop-off or pick-up. Here’s a summary of how you can receive yours: 

  1. Scan the QR code on a locker screen – your parcel number will be filled in automatically 

  2. Request a receipt through our website – you will need your parcel number for this 

  3. Automatic confirmation via email  


1. Scanning the QR code on a locker screen  

After you’ve dropped off your parcel and closed the door, the locker screen will give you an option to request a receipt. With a simple tap or click, you can request a receipt to be created on the spot. Your parcel number will be filled in automatically if you are scanning via the locker screen.  

2. Request a receipt 

Follow the link here to get your digital receipt. All you need is your parcel number and the email address that you want your receipt to go to. Calling all InPost Shop users, you will need to request a receipt through the website, the staff members won't be able to hand you a proof of postage. Your digital receipt will be sent to your inbox – check your junk if you haven’t seen anything. 

3. Automatic email confirmation 

If we have your email (this is retailer dependent), we will automatically send a confirmation to your inbox. Nice and simple. 

What does your email receipt contain? 

What should you expect to see in your digital receipt? Your email will share with you your drop-off/ pick-up time and date, the locker or shop location and share tracking information. 


Our paperless receipt system not only helps reduce waste but also ensures that you always have proof of your transactions readily available. We’ve got you covered.