Make fetch happen

21 Jun 2024

Make fetch happen - 3 days to pick up your parcels

If you love the convenience of online shopping and the thrill of picking up your packages from where it suits you, then InPost Lockers are the delivery choice for you. Our handy, self-service lockers will let you pick up your parcel whenever it suits you. But did you know there’s a time limit for collecting your items? Because of our popularity (thanks to you), you have 3 days to grab your goodies. Let's dive into why that is and what you can do if you run out of time. 


Why you have 3 days to pick up 

So, why the 3-day rule? InPost Lockers are super popular because they’re convenient and easy to use. To keep things running smoothly, InPost needs to make sure lockers are available for other customers. By limiting the collection window to 3 days, we can keep the ensure that everyone has access to a locker when they need one.  


What to do if you run out of time 

Life happens, and sometimes those 3 days can fly by before you know it. If you realise, you’re about to run out of time, then we strongly recommend that you share your collection details with a friend or family member who can collect it for you. Our couriers visit the lockers daily so we can’t guarantee individual extensions.   


Can you extend your collection time? 

Need more time? Sadly, at this stage, InPost cannot extend your collection time. If you can’t pick up your parcel, then please share your collection details with a friend or family member who can collect it for you. We are working on it though, so please bear with us. 


What happens if you miss the deadline? 

Uh-oh, missed the deadline? Here’s what happens: once the 3 days are up, your parcel will be removed from the locker and sent back to the sender. This can be a bit of a hassle, as you’ll need to contact the retailer or marketplace to arrange for re-delivery or a refund. Please note that refunds and redeliveries are retailer-dependent, and sadly we cannot help with this. 


How to avoid missing your parcel 

Use our online tracker tracking page to see where your parcel is. You can also keep up with your parcel’s whereabouts through our app. We will share important information about where it is to give you as much notice as possible. Make sure that you enable app notifications - you can do this by opening the app, heading to settings and making sure your notifications are “enabled” in your phone settings.  


InPost Lockers are a fantastic solution for getting your parcels quickly and conveniently, but it’s important to remember that 3-day pickup window. By planning ahead and keeping an eye on those notifications, you can make sure you grab your items on time and avoid any hassle. Happy shopping and enjoy the ease of picking up your parcels from InPost Lockers! 💛