Marketplace selling made easy: top tips for packaging up the perfect parcel

18 Oct 2023

InPost | Top tips for packaging the perfect parcel

Marketplaces are big business and it’s not hard to see why. Awash with creativity, they’re a place where passions and side hustles come together, with people selling everything from their home-made knitting to colourful crafts and pre-loved clothes.

But regardless of whether you’re a one-off seller or someone who regularly sells online, there’s one thing you’ll always have to do: package up your wares — a vital step in making sure your items get to your lucky buyers.

So, before you head out to your nearest InPost parcel locker, take five minutes to read our top tips when it comes to packaging up your goods…

1. Use high quality packaging

This is a must for safe delivery. You need to think about strength, cushioning and durability when choosing your packaging.

Go for boxes made of sturdy cardboard and pop valuable items in heavy-duty, double-layered boxes for extra protection. Also, materials like bio pillow rolls, recycled shredded paper/ cardboard or plastic bubble wrap will help to keep your items safe during transit.

2. Remove old labels when reusing boxes

It’s great if you can reuse old boxes. Not only are you doing your bit to help the environment by reducing waste, but also saving money at the same time. But whatever you do, don’t forget to cover unfamiliar markings and hide (or remove) old labels and stickers from your packaging.

3. Use tape for extra security

Want to be 100% sure your parcel is securely sealed? Then packaging tape is a must. For best results, don’t use sellotape or paper masking tape. Instead, pick up some proper packaging tape like Scotch tape, then scan your package for any openings and make sure to pop the tape firmly across these to seal any gaps. And if you want added certainty, you can always use a double layer!

4. Why not add a personal touch?

Remember that your packaging can also be an opportunity to ‘wow’ your customers. Custom tape, a branded sticker or even adding a personalised note into your box are just a few personal touches that can do wonders with buyer satisfaction, keeping them coming back time and time again.

Now, before we sign off, let’s quickly remind you of the finer details of our locker compartment sizes:

  • Small lockers (8cm x 38cm x 64cm) are ideal for items such as hand-made candles, or items in an envelope
  • Medium lockers (19 x 38 x 64) are great for shoes, cook books or handbags
  • Large lockers (41 x 38 x 64) fit items such as boots or sports equipment

And remember, while we’d love to accept every parcel for delivery through our network, there are some items which are prohibited to ensure the safety of your parcels and those of our people too. You can find out more about that here