Top tips for shopping success this Black Friday

22 Nov 2023

Top tips for shopping success this Black Friday

Black Friday is back!

Halloween’s over, Christmas is around the corner, and bumper bargains await us in the form of discounts and deals across the last weekend in November.

For some, it’s an opportunity to secure Christmas shopping at a steal, and for others it’s a chance to treat ourselves – bag an item like that air fryer we’ve had our eye on for ages, or a shiny new TV to binge our festive favourites on. But at a time when everyone’s looking after the pennies, it’s fair to expect that shopping habits might change this year too, as people look for ways to get the most bang for their buck.

For instance, the increasing popularity of secondhand marketplaces means more and more people are looking for sustainable or refurbished products. So perhaps this Black Friday you won’t be shopping at your usual go-tos. If that’s the case, we have good news for you: secondhand sites like eBay have wide ranging deals on, from half price clothes, to discounted leaf blowers.

Whatever floats your boat, there’s sure to be something out there for you.

So, whether you’re planning on buying something preloved on a secondhand marketplace, browsing reduced trends from retailers or the latest gadgets from tech outlets, we’ve compiled four top tips to help you prepare for the buying frenzy ahead:

  1. Make a list. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of discounts available. That’s why making a list is key (and be sure to stick to it!), otherwise you’ll risk buying items you might not need.
  2. Beware of scammers! With a large increase in the volume of online card payments being made, it’s vital to be sure that the website is authentic, and that your payment is going to the right place. One way to stay safe is to avoid all Black Friday-related links sent to you through unknown emails, text messages, social media or websites. In addition, you can usually spot a fake website by paying close attention to the url, product reviews, and images. Do these contain spelling mistakes or low-quality photos? Then you may be confronted with a fake. If that’s the case, it’s best to be cautious and avoid buying anything off that site!
  3. Make sure that you’re making a saving! If you find something you like, before clicking purchase, quickly search to see if the same, or similar is waiting for you on a different site for a cheaper price. Also, be aware that some brands can advertise items as ‘on sale’, when in reality the starting price has been hiked up, and there’s not a huge amount of saving to be had. If you want to check the price history of a product, there are lots of price checker websites out there that can help — ensuring you have a savvy shopping experience.
  4. Do your due diligence. Researching beforehand may seem like an obvious step, but many people skip over it. For example, you may know your brother wants a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, but do you know how many controllers he needs? What about any games that may be included in various bundles, extra storage or a case to fit everything in? You’ll give yourself a head-start by answering these questions before you start shopping.

We’ll leave you with this last bit of advice...

Always research the return and exchange policies for each retailer you're shopping with. That way, you’re fully clued up when it comes to understanding the types of products you can return, the time limit for returns (some retailers have extended return periods for the holidays — handy if you’re buying a gift), and whether you'll need to provide a receipt.

You’ll also want to know whether you can return the products for cash, or whether you'll have to get store credit or a gift card. Did you know that we are the partmer with over 150 retailers in the UK for our fuss-free locker return service? Check out the full list. and, if you are bought a Black friday bargain from them but need to return it, the good news is you can do so simply and conveniently using our InPost lockers! Find out more.

Happy shopping!