Return items in seconds with InPost Lockers

13 Sept 2022

InPost | Return items in seconds with Parcel Lockers

Admit it, we all enjoy a spot of online shopping now and then. But hands up, who's ever left a pile of parcels set for return in the corner of their room… gathering dust. Maybe you bought something which isn’t quite right?

Perhaps it didn’t fit like you expected it to. Or it might be a case that you received it and decided you just don’t need it.

Either way, you need a hassle-free returns solution.

Because it's true, sending back a parcel usually involves many frustrating steps, including pinpointing a printer, printing a label and then having to stand in a queue to drop it off (always a bore). It’s enough to put anyone off. But those days are done and dusted.

Our innovative returns solution means we’re waving goodbye to those pain points, and allowing you to send back unwanted parcels in seconds, whilst skipping the need for a printer.

So, how does it work? It takes just three simple steps:

  • First, head to the chosen retailer’s online returns portal to book a return and generate a QR code on your phone. 
  • Then find your nearest parcel locker and, once there, simply scan the QR code and put the item in the locker! (with a digital receipt available if you’d like).
  • The items are then picked up by a courier and returned to the retailer, and you can track its journey every step of the way!

It really is that simple. And the benefits don’t end there.

Because you’re using our lockers to return your items, you can do so at a time and a place of your own choosing, instead of having to waste time standing in a queue over lunch. This could be while you’re on your way to work, at the supermarket for your weekly food shop or out meeting friends for a bite to eat. Talk about convenience! What’s not to love?

Hang on a moment, we hear you say. How do I know if my preferred locker unit has space for my parcel? Thanks to our nifty tracker, you can now check whether small, medium and large compartments are available, almost full or full from the comfort of your own home.

While we’re on the topic of locker compartment sizes, let’s demystify these for you.

  • Small lockers (8cm x 38cm x 64cm) are ideal for returning items such as sunglasses or items in an envelope
  • Medium lockers (19cm x 38cm x 64cm) are great for shoes, cookbooks or handbags
  • Large lockers (41cm x 38cm x 64cm) fit items such as boots or sports equipment

Want to give it a try? You can check out which retailers are signed up to our returns service here.

Happy returning!