Get on top of those January returns

2 Jan 2024

InPost | Get on top of your January returns

From questionable jumpers to unsightly homeware…get on top of those January returns

It’s January, the Christmas dust has settled, and you’re evaluating the aftermath of the past weeks. You might be eyeing up the gift that you’ve received from your relative (with questionable taste), or you’re beginning to regret that shopping spree in the January sales. Whether it’s the jumper that doesn’t quite work, or a homeware accessory that’s not capturing the right vibe, it’s got to go.

But there are so many rules! What you can return, when you can do it, and what details you need to do so instantly come to mind. Or perhaps you’re looking to make a conscious effort to return sustainably this year? These are all but a few of the questions you might have.

Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to head to the retailers’ website for further info before you send any items back just to be sure you’re fully clued up on what you can/can’t do, but for now we’ve collected some of our top tips for returning items this month:

  • Ensure your item(s) can be returned. Most retailers will accept non-faulty returns, as long as items are unused and in perfect condition with their undamaged original packaging. But there are some exceptions worth knowing about… For instance, you won’t usually be able to return an item if it’s perishable (think food or flowers). Also, if an item has been made to order or personalised, that’s another thing which sadly you won’t be able to return. Be sure to double check your targeted retailers’ returns policy before you send anything back just to be sure.
  • Find that gift receipt! Most shops will allow you to exchange something in-store if you have the gift receipt, so be sure to keep that somewhere safe. Whilst it’s more likely that you’ll be offered an exchange or a credit note instead of a refund, you never know; you might be offered one if you ask, so there’s no harm in trying!
  • Consider your sustainable options. As we know, post-Christmas is one of the busier times for returns in the retail world, meaning delivery services might be handling more than usual. Using services such as parcel lockers is not only convenient, but also saves a few trips for delivery drivers if packages are being picked up from the same location.

With this in mind, don't forget 150 retailers that over in the UK now use our fuss-free parcel return service. This means that returning a parcel couldn't be simpler - you can find all the info on how to do that and use our InPost Locker finder to find the location that suits you best.

Happy returning! !!!