Pop it like it’s hot

6 Jun 2024

InPost app remote opening

If you’ve not tried the InPost app by now, then here’s a reason why it’s time you did. Two words: remote opening.  

What’s that? Well, with our app you can now open the locker door straight from your phone. Go contactless when collecting your parcels, and once you go remote there’s no going back. 


What’s InPost

If you’re not familiar yet, InPost is the brand behind the parcel lockers you might have seen around town. You’ll find us here, there and everywhere – in supermarkets, petrol stations, train stations, you name it.  

Our mission is to put lockers in spaces that work for you to make sending and receiving your packages hassle-free. We’ve also got InPost Shops in areas where we can’t get lockers. Find a locker or shop near you.  


Introducing remote opening  

With InPost's exclusive app feature, you can now open our locker doors straight from your phone. As soon as your package arrives at your chosen locker, you can unlock the door with just a tap, as long as you're within 10 metres.  


How it works 

Here’s a nice and simple low-down on how to use remote opening in the InPost app

  1. Delivery day, yay: The app will send you a notification when your parcel is ready for collection (you’ll also get a text and an email). Just make sure your notifications are enabled! 

  2. Fire up the app: Head to the locker and launch your app 

  3. Tap and roll: Hit the button to open the locker door remotely, you can do this anywhere within 10 metres of the locker 

  4. Yours for the taking: The door pops open and now you and your parcel can be together, at last 


When you’ll be able to use it 

The app will let you know as soon as your parcel is ready for collection. When you open the app, you’ll see your parcel under the receiving tab and when you tap into it, you’ll see the option to “open locker remotely”. When you’re ready to open the door, tap the button and away you go. Ready, aim, open!  


We’ll also show you how much time you have left to collect your items – don’t forget you have 3 days to pick up your parcel, or we will have to return it to the sender. 

Ready to collect - remote opening

Collecting parcels with InPost 

InPost pick-ups are super simple. All you need to do is choose InPost delivery when you’re shopping online (you can usually find us under “click & collect”) and select the locker that works for you. When your parcel arrives, we will let you know, and you can head there at your convenience. Once you're at the locker, load your app and open the door with a single tap.  


Why you’ll love it 

Our remote opening feature works for everyone, whether you’re looking to save time, avoid human interaction or if using public screens gives you the ick, this feature is just what you need and here’s why.  

  • Feel powerful: Trust us when we say, it’s a fun feeling to open the locker from the app 

  • Skip the screen: No touching screens, which is great for staying germ-free 

  • Your time back: Get in and out quickly, no stress no fuss 

  • No queues: Open the locker whenever you’re ready 

  • User-friendly: The app is super intuitive, so you don’t need to be a tech whizz to use it 


What’s next? 

Next time you’re collecting your online orders, give our lockers a try and make sure you download the app to use remote opening. 🤳