Be in when you're out

Collect your Yours Clothing parcels from our lockers or shops wherever it suits you

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How does it work?

Order those dresses, treat yourself to some new shoes. Simply choose us then pick up when it works for you.

Choose InPost delivery

Choose the locker or shop that works for you, whether it's by your home or next to where you pick up your dinner

Find a locker or shop

Pop to your chosen point

When your parcel arrives scan your QR code at the locker and the door will open or if you're using a shop show the staff member your QR code

Skip off into the sunset

You and your Yours Clothing order can be together, at last. Be holiday-ready in no time.

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Don't miss deadline day

Make sure you pick up your parcel within 3 days of delivery - no need to wait around for your parcel

Skip the screen

Go contactless when you collect your parcels with remote opening, exclusively on our app

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Parcel personalisation

Nickname your packages in our app for easy sending and receiving. Only you can see what you've named them.

Track your Yours Clothing parcel

Keep up with your parcel's whereabouts

Got questions?

It’s now quicker than EVER to collect parcels from lockers. You don’t need to use the locker screen, you can just open the compartment from the app.

How does it work?

1) We'll ping you when your parcel has landed in the locker

2) Go to the locker and when you’re approaching it *, follow the steps below

3) On the Track screen, tap the parcel you’re collecting

4) Tap the purple ‘Open Locker Remotely’ button

5) The compartment will pop open automatically. Yay!

*To use remote opening, you need to be within 10 metres of the locker

You've got three days to grab your parcel. We'll send it back to the seller if it's not collected in time. We’ll send you a reminder when there are 24 hours left.

Any eligible refunds will be retailer-dependent.


Returns parcels should be back with the retailer within 5 working days, safe and sound. But some stores may take a little bit longer to let you know they’ve got it and process your return. Feel free to get in touch with them if you’ve got any questions about your refund.



If you're sending a parcel to an InPost Locker or Shop then it should arrive within 3 working days. If you're sending a parcel to a home address then it should arrive within 4 working days. You can keep an eye on your parcel's journey using our handy tracking page.



Delivery time will vary depending on which store you've bought from. Keep tabs on your parcel's progress by downloading the app.

Sadly not. If you won't be able to collect your parcel, then we recommend sharing the collection code with a friend or family member (that’s what little brothers are for, right?) so they can pick it up for you.

First thing’s first, report it to the store or marketplace you bought it from. They’ll be able to send you a refund, if you’re entitled to one. We’re happy to help and look into things for you, too – but you’ll need to report it to the store or marketplace first, so they can launch an investigation with us.

There are two possible reasons:

  • The recipient did not collect the parcel in time (and it expired)
  • The parcel couldn’t be delivered to the InPost Locker or Shop