InPost hits 7,000 lockers across the UK

28 May 2024

InPost hits 7,000 lockers across the UK

InPost is over the moon to announce the opening of our 7,000th locker location in the UK. This locker is now up and running at London Road Local, a convenience store in Romford. 

We're especially proud of this because we love bringing our lockers to the heart of your communities. 

What's InPost all about? 

For those of you who might not be familiar with InPost, here’s a quick rundown. InPost Lockers are super handy, self-service lockers where you can pick up and drop off parcels 24/7. No more waiting around for the delivery person or rushing to the post office before it closes. You get a code when your parcel arrives, and you can collect it whenever it suits you, plus you can drop off your parcels on the way to work. Simple, right?  

Some of our lockers get busy so to make sure that you have the best possible service, we have recently introduced InPost Shops which offer you even more drop-off and pick-up points.   


Why use InPost 

Reaching 7,000 lockers is a pretty big deal. It's a clear sign that more and more people are embracing a new way to handle their parcels. Whether you're sending a Vinted package or collecting your latest online shopping haul, our lockers make the process so much simpler. 

InPost Lockers work 24/7 and are super simple and speedy to use. They're usually located in places you already visit, like supermarkets, petrol stations, and other handy spots. So, you can pick up your parcel while you're grabbing groceries or filling up your tank. Check out our live compartment availability in our app to find your closet spot and to see what’s free.


The environmental benefits are worth mentioning too. By using parcel locker for deliveries, we cut down on the number of trips delivery vehicles have to make. This means fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. It's a win-win for convenience and sustainability. 

How to use InPost 

At the moment, there are 3 ways you can use InPost Lockers and Shops: 

  1. Return your parcels 

  2. Send your parcels 

  3. Collect your parcels   

1. Return your parcels 

We keep returning your parcels hassle-free. You can use any of our lockers or shops with available space wherever and whenever suits you.  For lockers, simply scan your QR code to open a locker and place your parcel inside then close the door. For shops, just show your QR code to a staff member, hand over your parcel, and we'll take care of the rest. That’s it – job done. 

2. Send your Parcels 

Sending your parcels has never been easier. Our lockers are 24/7 and placed here, there and everywhere meaning you can drop off your parcels wherever works for you! If you’re selling with Vinted we have lots of tips to help you. 

3. Collect your parcels 

See another friend. Stay another hour. Get a later train. InPost has got you. Shop online and we’ll have your parcel waiting for you wherever and whenever you want it. Be in when you're out! 

Here's to everyone who helped us reach 7000 lockers, which includes all our users.  

We are committed to bringing as many lockers and shops near you as possible and making parcel delivery and collection even more convenient for everyone.  

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from InPost! 🎉