How does InPost work with Vinted?

18 Jun 2024

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We love bagging a bargain and we’re big supporters of reusable fashion which is why teaming up with Vinted was a no-brainer. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we’re here to give online shoppers a cheaper and greener delivery option.  


If you’re using Vinted you can use InPost as both a seller and a buyer. Here’s our guide to exactly how it works. 


Selling on Vinted with InPost 

We’re here to make sure selling and sending your Vinted items is a walk in the park.  

After you’ve sold an item, you will need to generate a code through the Vinted app. The code will be stored in your Vinted app and a copy will be sent to your email. The code that is generated will depend on where your buyer has chosen to send their parcel. 

  • If your buyer chooses to pick up their parcel from one of our lockers or shops, you can use a QR code which means you do not need to print a label (if you prefer to use a printer, the app will give you the option) 

  • If your buyer chooses home delivery you will need to print, cut out and attach a barcode 

If you do not have access to a printer, you can turn off postage options in the Vinted app – go to profile > settings > postage. If you choose to turn off InPost Home Delivery but leave 24/7 InPost Locker | Shop Pick-up, you can ship with InPost without printing label. 

QR codes do not need to be printed. Our couriers will add a label when they collect your parcels.  

Once you’ve generated your Vinted code here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Pack up your items  

  2. Check before you drop 

  3. Pop to locker & put your parcel inside 

  4. Complete with a receipt 


Pack up your items  Make sure your items are packaged up properly, so they stay nice and safe for your buyers. Here are our top tips on packaging up your parcel.  

Check before you drop  Before you head to a locker, make sure you check our app to see what compartment sizes are available. If the lockers are full, why not try our InPost Shops.  

Pop to locker & put your parcel inside  Head to your locker, scan your code and choose the compartment size that your parcel needs on the screen. Pop your parcel inside and close the door. Done!  

Complete with a receipt  Want your proof of delivery? No probs - here are all the ways you can get your digital receipt. You can track your parcel’s whereabouts straight from our app

Are you shipping multiple parcels to different buyers? Check out our top tips.

Buying on Vinted using InPost 

If you’re buying on Vinted and choose InPost delivery, you’ve opted for convenience and time back which is a treat in itself.  


Here is how it works: 

Collecting your Vinted parcels is now easier with InPost Lockers and Shops. No more waiting for delivery drivers or missed packages – InPost offers a secure and convenient way to pick up your purchases on your schedule. 

  1. Choose InPost at checkout  

  2. Pick a point that works for you 

  3. Your delivery has landed 

  4. It’s go-time 


Choose InPost at checkout  Choose Ship to pick-up point, 24/7 InPost Locker | Shop Pick-up in the delivery options during your Vinted checkout.

Pick a point that works for you 

Select a nearby locker or shop from thousands of convenient locations - whether it’s near your home, your office or next to your local Tesco.


Your delivery has landed 

You’ll get a notification saying your parcel has arrived and it will share your collection details. If you can’t make it in 3 days, you can share your details with a friend or family member.

It’s go-time  

Scan the QR code at your chosen locker or shop. You can also open the locker remotely using the app. Remember to collect within 3 days to avoid the item being returned to the sender (this will impact on your Vinted rating).



Hopefully, that’s cleared up all things InPost and Vinted. Whether you’re buying or selling, make sure you give InPost a try. Happy shopping 🛒