Sending in bulk made easy

30 May 2024

Top tips for sending multiple parcels with InPost

In today’s world of online shopping and e-commerce, managing multiple parcels can be a bit of a hassle. But don’t worry, InPost has your back. We have some tips and tricks to help you manage all your parcels comings and goings.  

What’s InPost all about? 

InPost offers a wide range of parcel lockers that are available 24/7. These lockers are conveniently located at places you often visit, like supermarkets, shopping centres, and train stations. The best part? You can send and pick up parcels whenever it suits you, without dealing with post office queues. On top of all our lockers, we have a wide range of InPost Shops scattered around. Some of our lockers get super busy so we’ve introduced shops to help give you as many convenient locations as possible. 


Our top tips for sending multiple parcels 

  • Write/draw on your parcels: It’s easy to get caught up in making your package look beautiful, but make sure you remember what you’ve wrapped up! We recommend writing or drawing on them with numbers, letters or symbols to help you remember which package contains each item.  

  • Nickname your parcels in the app: Our latest app feature means you can give your parcels names. This will make it super easy to track where each package is and know exactly which one is which. 

  • Choose the right packaging: Proper packaging makes sure that your parcels arrive safely at their final destinations. 

  • Communicate with your buyers: Keep your buyers (In)posted about when you’re planning to drop off their parcels so they can keep up and be ready to pick up. Once you’ve dropped off at an InPost Locker or Shop we’ll let them know where their parcel is. 

  • Try out our shops: lots of our lockers get super busy so if you’re sending lots of parcels in one go there might not be enough space available but have no fear – InPost Shops to the rescue! We have them here, there and everywhere with lots of capacity. 


How to return parcels with InPost 

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Get your parcel ready: pack your items securely in a box or padded envelope. Make sure everything is safe inside to avoid any damage. Here’s our help guide

  2. Create your QR code: check your store’s return instructions and select the option to return with “InPost Locker or Shop” 

  3. Find a locker or shop: Use the InPost app or website to find a locker or shop that works for you. Our app shows you exactly what compartment sizes are available, so large or small you can check there’s space free. 

  4. Drop off your parcel: Check out below to see how easy InPost drop-offs are 

For lockers -  

  • Head to the locker that works for you. You can use any with space available (check here). 

  • Scan the QR code or enter the code in your email 

  • A locker door will pop open. Place your parcel inside and close the door.

For shops -  

  • Head to a shop near you 

  • Show the staff member your QR code and they will scan it 

  • Hand the parcel over, and that’s it 


How to send Vinted parcels with InPost 

Here’s a run-through of the steps: 

1. Check if you need to print or not: 

  • If you choose a digital label, all you need is the QR code that Vinted gives you
  • If you choose a printable label, you’ll need to print, cut out and stick the label Vinted sends you 
  • Need more help with sending your parcels? Check out our help page

2. Check before you drop: Use the InPost app to find a locker or shop that works for you. Our app shows you exactly what compartment sizes are available, so large or small you can check there’s space free for all your parcels. 

3. Scan, tap and go: Simply scan your code, place the parcel in the compartment, close the door and off you go. That’s it – you can get your receipt here


Why use InPost 

  • Convenience: InPost Lockers are available 24/7, so you can send or return parcels anytime you want. Perfect for busy schedules. 

  • Speed: Sending or returning parcels with InPost is quick and easy. No more standing in long lines at the post office. 

  • We’re all over the place: With lots and lots of locations, you’re sure to find an InPost Locker or Shop nearby. The app makes it even easier by showing you where they are and what compartments are free. 

  • Eco-friendly: InPost helps reduce the need for multiple delivery attempts, cutting down on carbon emissions. It’s a greener way to handle your parcels. 


InPost has customers at the heart of what we do, which is why we’re here to take the stress out of sending multiple parcels. Happy parcelling! 📦