Look out for new InPost Shops near you

5 Apr 2024

Find InPost Shops near you

Introducing InPost Shops. In addition to our trusty lockers, we're now popping up in shops near you, making parcel pick-up and drop-off as easy as pie, or should we say, as easy as clicking 'add to cart'. 


How do I use InPost Shops? They’re as easy as using our lockers.  

Return your parcels: You've bought something online, and it's not quite right. Instead of diving into the abyss of return labels and printer malfunctions, simply strut into your nearest InPost Shop, flash your QR code like a pro, and voila. Consider your parcel returned, hassle-free. Say goodbye to printer-induced headaches and hello to stress-free returns.  


Send your Vinted parcels: If you're a Vinted enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know that sending your beloved pre-loved pieces just got a whole lot easier. With InPost Shops sprinkled here, there and everywhere, you can drop off your parcels wherever works for you. So, whether you're on the go or simply can't make the post office opening hours, InPost has your back. 


Collect your parcels: Ah, the sweet anticipation of waiting for your online shopping haul to arrive. But who has time to twiddle their thumbs waiting for the doorbell to ring? Not you. With InPost, you can live your life uninterrupted. Whether you're catching up with a friend, squeezing in an extra hour of Netflix, or running to catch that train, your parcel will be waiting for you at your chosen InPost Shop or locker. No more anxiously pacing by the door or asking your housemate to keep an ear out, your goodies will be waiting for you whenever, wherever (unleash your inner Shakira). 


What’s the difference between InPost Lockers and InPost Shops? 


Here's the lowdown: while the process of using our services remains the same, there's a slight tweak in the method. With InPost Shops, rather than interacting with an automated locker, you'll simply hand over your parcel to one of our friendly staff members. 

InPost Shops are here to take the fuss out of sending and receiving your parcels. So, whether you're running errands or on your daily commute there's an InPost Shop nearby, ready to make your parcel experience a breeze. 


Why have introduced shops as well as lockers? 


In a world where convenience is king and sustainability is essential, our mission is to simplify parcel sending and receiving through eco-conscious solutions. We're not just talking the talk; we're walking the walk by constantly adding to our network to provide you with as many convenient locations as possible. Have you found your nearest locker or shop

At InPost: we're all about efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint. That's why we're switching things up by delivering more parcels to fewer locations – our network of lockers and shops. It's a win-win situation: you get easy parcel access wherever you go, while personal deliveries become more sustainable. 

InPost Shops alongside our lockers are here to make parcel handling as easy, convenient and easy as possible. Look out for us as we pop up at shops near you.  

Do you have more questions about InPost Shops? Try our 'Shops' section on our FAQs page.

Happy parcelling! 📦✨