Send it like Beckham

25 Jun 2024

Send it like Beckham - sending & returning with InPost

It's Euros season, and we’re here for it. We’ve been loving watching the passion and the drama on the field so there's no better time to talk about how sending and returning your parcels with InPost should be part of your game plan. Plus – we love football. In case you didn’t know we’re partners of Newcastle United

It’s about time that your parcel needs are penalty-free which is why InPost Lockers should be your go-to players (or ya know, just lockers). Make sure your parcels are sent and returned with ease, no matter where you are across the UK. 


Send with InPost 

Sending a parcel with InPost feels like hitting the back of the net every time. Here’s your play-by-play guide: 

1. The warmup – prep your parcel

Make sure you package up your item securely. You can read more on packaging top tips. Your label or QR code will be sender-dependent, so check your instructions.  


2. Kick-off – find your nearest InPost Locker or Shop

Just like finding space on the field, locate your nearest locker or shop through the InPost website or use our app to see exactly which compartments are available. With thousands of lockers across the country, you’re never far from a winning position. 


3. Sealing the win – scan, tap, goal

Scan your label or QR code at the locker, pop your parcel inside, and you’re done. Life admin sorted ✅ 


More info on sending and returning


Returns made easy with InPost 

Every footballer needs to be ready for a rebound and so do online shoppers. What happens if your orders just aren’t what you had in mind? Say no more. InPost makes returns hassle-free and super easy. 


1. Give the yellow card to your unwanted items – get your QR code ready

All you need to return with us is a QR code. No printing required. Check that your retailer uses returns with us here.


2. The comeback – use any InPost Locker or Shop

Drop off your return at any of our available lockers or shops. Check here for space availability or use our app to see which size compartments are free at lockers near you. 


3. Keep up with the commentary – track your return

Follow your parcel’s journey home with real-time tracking, giving you peace of mind and a victorious feeling. 


Bring it home 

Did you know you can also collect your parcels with InPost? From our lockers to your homes, never miss a delivery again. Simply choose InPost 24/7 at checkout. We don’t know about the football but is it coming home (with you)? 


The benefits of using InPost 

Using InPost isn’t just a win for convenience, it’s a champion for lots of reasons: 

Flexibility: With InPost Lockers, you can drop off or grab your parcels whenever it suits you— whether it's before work or late-night after dinner. Most of our lockers are available 24/7. 

Security: Your parcels are safe and sound in our lockers, watched over by top-notch surveillance. 

Environmentally friendly: We recognise our responsibility in the Climate Crisis. Check out our commitment to zero emissions



InPost ensures your parcels are always on target. Let’s kick off a great summer of football and easy parcel sending. Enjoy the 2024 Euros ⚽