Sending on Vinted made simple

15 Apr 2024

Selling on Vinted made simple

Using InPost Lockers and Shops for your Vinted parcels is a total game-changer. Gone are the days of having to work around awkward post office hours or waste your well-deserved lunch break. Wouldn’t it be great if sending your parcels worked to your schedule? *Enter InPost* 

We’re here to shake up postal services to make them more accessible, more convenient and (we like to think) more fun. In this post, we’re talking about all things Vinted: the how, and most importantly, why InPost should be your go-to delivery choice.  

Firstly, make sure your InPost notification settings are switched on.

A guide to sending your Vinted parcel with InPost: 


Step 1 - Do you need to print a label? 

This on which delivery option your buyer choses.  

You can generate a digital label (you do not need to print this) or a printable label (you will need to print this). 

24/7 InPost Locker | Shop Pick-up 

For parcels heading to an InPost locker or shop, you’ve got two options. You can select a printable label (which you’ll need to print at home and attach to the parcel) or a digital label (which is a QR code that you scan at the locker – then all you need to do is pop the parcel inside and leave the label to us). 


InPost Home Delivery 

For parcels being delivered to someone’s house, you’ve got one option – print a label at home and attach it to the parcel. We can’t create digital labels for home deliveries just yet. 


Don't have a printer? You can turn off postage options in the Vinted app. Go to profile > settings > postage and switch off “InPost Home Delivery”.  

Step 2 - Check before you drop 

Make sure that there’s space in the lockers before heading there. You can use our app to see which size compartments are free at the lockers around you. You’ll see if there’s space for small, medium and large parcels.  


Step 3 - Sending a Vinted parcel with a QR code 

  • For lockers: scan your code at the locker, select the compartment size you need on the screen, place the parcel inside and close the door. No need for a label, our couriers will add one when they pick up your parcel. Read all about how to get your digital receipt here

  • For shops: the staff member will scan your code and take the parcel. No need for a label, our couriers will add one when they pick up your parcel. Please note that they will not give you a receipt. More information on how you can get your proof of delivery can be found here


Step 3 - Sending a Vinted parcel with a barcode 

  • For lockers: scan your barcode at the locker, pick the right compartment size on the screen, pop your parcel in, and close the door. Find out how to get your digital receipt here

  • For shops: the staff member will scan your barcode and take the parcel. Please note that the shop won't provide a receipt. Find out how to get your proof of delivery here


7 reasons why InPost makes sending your Vinted parcels a breeze: 

1. We’re working around you 

InPost Lockers and Shops are everywhere – at supermarkets, shopping centres, and near public transport spots. Whether you’re working from home, in the office, or on the way to meet your friends for a coffee, you can use any of our locations with space (check here). Drop off your parcels wherever and whenever it suits you. 


2. All day and all night  

Most of our lockers are open all day, every day. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, you can send your parcels whenever it fits into your schedule. The best part is you can use any of our lockers or shops if there’s space. 


3. Keeping up with the parcel(dashians) 

As soon as you drop off your parcel, you and your buyer can track it using live data in the InPost app. Keep up with your parcel’s every movement. Share your details with your buyer. 


4. The greener choice 

By using InPost Lockers or Shops, you're helping to reduce your carbon footprint. When we reduce the need for multiple deliveries, we can cut down on carbon emissions - it’s a greener way to send parcels. 


5. Save your money 

Sending parcels with InPost can be cheaper than traditional postal services. What a win-win for both you and your buyer. 


6. Easy bulk sending 

If you're sending a bunch of parcels, InPost’s app lets you nickname them for easy identification. It makes managing multiple shipments so much simpler. Read more on our top tips here


7. No more waiting around 

Forget waiting for the post office to open. Just drop off your parcel at a locker or shop when it works for you. Freedom back to you. 


Check out our Vinted Shipping page for any extra help. Happy sending!