Get summer ready with InPost

20 May 2024

Get summer ready with InPost

As the days grow longer and warmer, and (most importantly) the pub gardens start calling, we’re all gearing up for the joys of summer. Whether it's beach trips, holidays, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying the sunshine. Let’s make the most of long days.  And the best part about the longer hours is you can pick up your parcels in the daylight at any point of the day, woohoo! Everyone wants a pre-work treat, right? 

How to use InPost this summer 

  1. Online shopping ease: Summer often calls for shopping for new swimwear, outdoor gear, or vacation essentials. With InPost Lockers and Shops, you can shop online and have your parcels delivered directly to a nearby locker or shop. No need to wait at home for deliveries. 

  2. Super quick returns: Sometimes summer shopping means trying out multiple sizes or styles. InPost Lockers and Shops simplify the return process by allowing you to drop off your returns at a nearby locker or shop when is works for you. Simply scan, tap and away you go. No queues, no stress. 

  3. Send your Vinted Parcels: If you’re a big Vinted fan (we are too), you can use any of our lockers and shops to send off your Vinted parcels. Take a look at our dedicated help page

Tips for summer lockering 

  • Plan ahead: make sure to schedule your deliveries to arrive a day or two before you need them to make sure they’re ready for you when you’re ready for them. You can track your parcel’s whereabouts here

  • Try out our many locations: take advantage of our wide range of lockers and shops to have your parcels sent to nearby your home, workplace of your favourite summer spots. Find the best places that work for you. 

  • Check before you drop: sending a large parcel? Fun fact, our app now shows you live availability for the free compartments.  

  • Name your parcels: whether you’re returning your parcels or picking them up, give them a nickname that helps you keep up with their every move. These names are private to you and (full disclosure) you can have a chuckle deciding on names.  


How to use InPost Lockers 

Using InPost Lockers is straightforward: 

Picking up with InPost: 

  • When shopping online, select an InPost Locker | Shop as your delivery option

  • Once your parcel arrives at your chosen spot, you'll receive a notification with a unique code

  • Visit the locker or shop, scan your code and close the door. That’s it. You can even open the compartment door remotely, in our app

Returning with InPost: 

  • Create your return QR code with your retailer – check out our full list of stores

  • Swing by any of our available lockers or shops. Our app now shows you exactly what sizes are available so you can check what small, medium and large compartments are free. 

  • Scan your QR code at the locker, pop your parcel in the locker and close the door. Or if you’re using a shop, the staff member will scan your QR code and collect the parcel from you. 

  • We’ll handle the rest! You can track your parcel’s whereabouts here

Whatever your plans are this summer, have a wonderful time in the sunshine 🌞