Check before you drop

7 Mar 2024

InPost app - check live compartment availability

At InPost, we believe dropping off your parcels should be easy. And your experience is important to us. That's why we're excited to share our brand-new app feature that shows you which compartment sizes are free at our lockers and where you can find them. 

Simply use the “find a locker” function on our app (located right next to the “track” button) to check which small, medium and large compartments are available at your nearby lockers. Our app will also show you the fastest way to get to them. You can still check out our find a locker page to see what’s available near you – but please note that checking size compartment availability is exclusive to the app, which is free btw.  

To keep you feeling locker confident here is some of our top advice for returning or sending your parcels:  

1. Weekends are key 

Our lockers can get really busy on weekdays, but weekends are often quieter. So, if you have a parcel to drop off, make it part of your weekend admin/you can get it out of the way before starting your week. We have lockers near all your favourite shops so why not pick up your weekly shop and drop off your returns all at the same time – tick and tick!  

2. Sending with Vinted? QR code vs barcode 

If you’re sending with Vinted make sure you double-check if you’ve received a QR code or a barcode. Not sure whether you need to print your label to send a Vinted parcel? Check out this page. If you need some more help sending your parcels this page is tailor-made for you. 


3. Returning parcels to online retailers? 

Returning items is a breeze with us! Simply follow these steps: First, create a QR code by checking your store's return instructions. Then, head to your nearest locker, scan your QR code to open it, and drop your parcel inside. We'll take care of the rest - collecting your parcel, labelling it, and returning it to the store while keeping you updated on its journey every step of the way. It's that easy! Be sure to review the store's return policy for details on refunds. 

4. Nickname your parcels

If you're sending multiple parcels, we know it can get confusing. Our app has a new feature: you can nickname your parcels to help you identify the right ones. Whether you're sending or receiving why not give your parcels a name? Only you will be able to see the nicknames so don't worry about embarrassing names! Just remember one parcel = one code = one compartment. 

5. Be a packaging pro 

When sending parcels, it's important to follow the size and weight guidelines. The maximum size, dimensions and weight limits InPost can send is no larger than 410mm x 380mm x 640mm and 15kg. Proper packaging is essential to prevent damage during transit. Choose sturdy materials like corrugated cardboard and use strapping or strong tape for sealing. Ensure old labels are removed and packages are neither overfilled nor underfilled. Read more info on our requirements here

6. Keep up with your parcels 

We can send all your deets straight to your phone through the app, keeping you up to date with all your parcel movements.  

7. Know before you go 

Before you head out, you can check if there’s space in your local lockers and what compartment sizes are available on our app, or if you don’t have our app (which you should) check our Find a locker page – although you won’t be able to see what compartment sizes are free here. We add lockers all the time so you might even find a shiny new locker just around the corner.  

Just a reminder of our compartment sizes:

  • Small lockers (8cm x 38cm x 64cm) are ideal for returning items such as sunglasses or items in an envelope
  • Medium lockers (19cm x 38cm x 64cm) are great for shoes, cookbooks or handbags
  • Large lockers (41cm x 38cm x 64cm) fit items such as boots or sports equipment

Your peace of mind is our priority, and we're all about making your parcel experience smooth from start to finish. With real-time locker updates available on our user-friendly app, finding the perfect locker nearby with just the right space and size has never been easier. Whether you're returning purchases or sending out packages, our handy tips will help to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. And with our app keeping you in the loop every step of the way, you can trust that your parcel is in good hands.  

So, before you hit the road, don't forget to check out our app for compartment availability 🔎